Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe. It is here that eastern and western civilizations met, sometimes clashed, but more often enriched and
reinforced each other throughout its long and fascinating history.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a long name for a country that measures just over 50,000 km2. Bosnia covers the north and center of the country. Its name probably derived from ‘bosana‘, an old Indo-European word meaning water, which Bosnia is not short of.


The southern region of ancient Hum was later named Herzegovina after the region was conquered by the invading Ottomans. Bosnia and Herzegovinians is really a beautiful country with a vast array of landscapes, cultures, traditions and people.

Most important cities: –

Sarajevo – Mostar – Travnik – Jajce – Bihac


Due to its long and rich history of religious and cultural variety, People called sometimes Sarajevo the “Jerusalem of Europe” or “Jerusalem of the Balkans”. It was, until late in the 20th century, the only major European city to have a mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church and synagogue within the same neighborhood. The Miljacka river is one of the city’s chief geographic features. It flows through the city from east through the center of Sarajevo to west part of city.  There meets up with the Bosna river.


BASCARSIJA – OLD TOWN: –  Vijecnica -City Hall Building, Spite House, Sebilj, Pigeon Square, Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, Clock Tower, Latin Bridge . The Place where WW I Have Started, Bezistan Closed Bazaar.  Small Version of Istanbul Kapali Carsi, Cathedral of Jesus Sacred Heart, Eternal Flame, Markale Bazaar.



OLYMPIC MOUNTAINS: – 4 Olympic mountains around Sarajevo that hosted Winter Olympic games in 1984. Today, there are ski resorts on Bjelasnica and Jahorina. On Igman mountain main attraction is the war mosque. Trebevic is famous with cable car, Brus forest. It has an amazing viewpoints to Sarajevo and Sunnyland restaurant and adrenaline park.

BIJAMBARE CAVES & Bijambare Park: – (40 km from Sarajevo- 50 min driving) not only offers the caves, but some fantastic examples of Stećci (ancient tombstones) and beautiful nature. This makes for a well-rounded experience. Also, on the same tour, there is possibility to visit AJDINOVICI sport and recreation center or Begovo ethnos village.

PROKOSKO LAKE: – This glacier lake is located on 1636 meter above the sea level and at the end of 16 km totally forested road ( 75 km from Sarajevo). Vranica mountain is very famous for various kinds of mushrooms, cranberries and blueberries. so some of them can easily be collected and founded on menu. Village itself has unique mosque, possibly highest one in whole of Europe at altitude of 1666 m.a.s.l. It is a convenient place for a day tour , where the departure being from the city of Sarajevo, (75 km away- 1:30 hr driving).

Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo International Airport, also known as Butmir Airport. It is the main international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located 6.1 km southwest of the Sarajevo railway station.

Activities we Recommend doing in Sarajevo


In 1984, Sarajevo played the host to the world during the Winter Olympics. 35 years later, it remains an excellent destination for winter sports. Sarajevo has several ski resorts on Bjelasnica mountain, Igman and Jahorina mountains, skiing is a winter sport usually practiced from the beginning of the 12th month until the end of the third month of the calendar year .

Four-wheel motorcycle riding

Four-wheeled motorbikes can be found on Trebović mountain, as well as Bjelašnica mountain, and take a tour through the forest.

Take a tour through Baščaršija

Baščaršija is the old town of Sarajevo, located in the heart of Sarajevo, one of the most beautiful places in Sarajevo for a tourist to visit. It is a place of meeting with the local population, which is similar in style since the fifteenth century when it was built.

You can walk up to a higher point in Sarajevo and watch the sunrise. There are a few places in Sarajevo that give you a great view of the city. You can take the cable car from the city center to the top of Mount Trebević to enjoy the view from the top Or simply you just could sit and enjoy a traditional Bosnian coffee.

Also, you should not forget to visit historical places of worship such as the Gazi Huserov Mosque, the Catholic Cathedral, the Orthodox Church and the Jewish Temple, all located close to each other in the center of the Baščaršija (Old Town).




Biking is very common both in the mountains and in the city, where bicycles are available on the roadsides in most places, and there are bicycle routes within the city.


The terrain in BiH is suitable for both beginners and experienced flyers. At the mountains themselves, there are many grassy and lightly straightened starts at different altitudes for beginners and experienced alike. Mountains suitable for paragliding are located in Sarajevo – Krupac – Igman – Bjelasnica – Babin Dol.

Visit Vrelo Bosne park

This public park, featuring the spring of the River Bosnia, at the foothills of the Mount Igman on the outskirts of Sarajevo, the paths and roads inside the park are ideal for walks and bicycle riding and give the visitors the opportunity to take a closer look at the bubbling streams and waterfall.



Mostar is a city located 129 km from Sarajevo ( 3 hr-driving) and the administrative center of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Inhabited by 105,797 people, it is the most important city in the Herzegovina region, serving as its cultural and economic capital.

Mostar lies on the Neretva River and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most visited landmarks, and is considered an exemplary piece of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.


OLD TOWN – Mostar Old Bridge, Kriva Bridge, Mehmet Koski Pahsa Mosque, Karadjoz Mosque, Hamam Museum, Kujundžiluk bazaar)

NATIONAL PARK KRAVICA WATERFALLS – located 43 km from mostar( 1:00 hr- driving) . Kravica waterfall, popularly called Oasis in the stone, is a large tufa cascade on the Trebižat River, in the karstic heartland of Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Its height is about 25 meters and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall is 120 meters . Kravica is a popular swimming and picnic area. During the summer, many tourists visited

Međugorje, is a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 25 km southwest of Mostar and close to the border of Croatia. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of Catholic pilgrimage due to Our Lady of Međugorje, an alleged series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local children, that are still happening to this day.
The name Međugorje literally means “between mountains”. At an altitude of 200 m above sea level it has a mild Mediterranean climate. The town consists of an ethnically homogeneous
Croat population of 2,306.

BLAGAJ – Located 15 km from Mostar (20min – driving) Blagaj is situated at the spring of the Buna river and a historical tekke (tekija or Dervish monastery). The Blagaj Tekija was built
around 1520, with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style and is considered a national monument.

HUTOVO BLATO Located 56 km from Mostar city ( 1 hr driving) is a nature reserve and a bird reserve located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reserve is on the list of Bird Life
International’s Important Bird Areas. It is the largest reserve of its kind in the region, in terms of both size and diversity. It is home to over 240 types of migratory birds and dozens that make
their permanent home in the sub-Mediterranean wetlands surrounding Deransko Lake.

Activities we Recommend doing in Mostar: – 

Take a boat ride in the Neretva river
The Neretva River, which runs through the middle of Mostar. That after the war almost got divided into two parts, the eastern part of the predominantly Bosniacs (Muslims) and western part where the majority of Croats (Catholics) has inhabited there. The city has many bridges, most notably the old bridge built in the 16th century. Be sure to take a boat ride in this river, or even you can try rafting in Neretva. You can also take a boat tour of the buna river when visiting the village of Blagaj near Mostar.

Take a tour through the old town of Mostar
Roaming in the old city takes you back several centuries as if in the Ottoman era, the mosques of the old city and the stone-paved land remained the same like the time of its construction and the shops on the sides of the old roads that sell copper artifacts, restaurants offering traditional Bosnian kebabs, do not forget to take pictures of divers who They jump from the top of the old bridge to the Neretva River.

Swimming in Kravitsa Falls
In summer time when temperatures rise, nothing compares to swimming in the running water of Kravica waterfalls.



Travnik is in central Bosnia 90 km from Sarajevo (1:15 hr driving) and also called Viziers city since Ottoman viziers ruled Bosnia for 150 years from this town. At the same time, Travnik is the proud owner of the best-preserved medieval castle in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is also the spring of blue water, which is an ideal place to rest and enjoy the sound of water bursting from the ground while you are eating lunch beside the spring, in restaurants around it.

VLASIC MOUNTAIN – Vlašić is a mountain in the very center of Bosnia and Herzegovina 22 km from Travnik city (30 min driving). Its peak is called Vlašićka Gromila and is 1,969 m above sea level. The mountain is a major center for winter tourism due to its excellent accommodation for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. It is also a popular destination for summer and eco-tourism with many hiking trails and undisturbed wilderness. It is closest to the Bosnian town of Travnik although lodging is available on the mountain itself.

SEMESNICA RESORT – Village “Semešnica” is located on the river Semešnica near Donji Vakuf, 3 km from the city center. A beautiful oasis of peace and tranquility where lane and bridges of wooden logs strewn across the water, as if everything just grew and sprouted around. The breathtaking scenery, range known by its specific vegetation, climate and water dives, plenty of clean, unpolluted air and water, life-rich forests, crowned return colony of playful beaver, shows real jewel of unspoiled nature. And there is a restaurant in the middle of the forest offering fresh river fish.

Activities we Recommend doing in Travnik

There are many activities you can do in Travnik from touring the Old Town, fishing, visiting the Spring of blue water, visiting the old castle overlooking Travnik city and taking a panoramic view of the city, riding the four-speed motorbike in summer on the vlasic mountain or the winter ski sleigh and skiing in the winter on vlasic. Horse riding on the top of Mount vlasic also is a fun activity to do. There are grass football courts for playing football and also tennis courts at Eco Fis Complex on Vlasic.

Also the mountain of vlasic near Travnik is one of the best places to taste and buy honey. The purity of nature in this place and the diversity of rare plants that grow on the mountain make the honey a high quality, and you can visit and learn how to extract honey from the boxes.


City Jajce represents a place of rich history where has many important events and documents. River Pliva and its magnificent waterfall has created unusual landscapes and beautiful scenery. It is 21 meters high and is one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Jajce is located 147 km from Sarajevo (3 hr driving).


OLD TOWN – The city gallery, AVNOJ Museum, The Kastel fortress, Catacombs.

PLIVSKO LAKE – Plivsko Lake is famous by its still water even on windy days. Plivsko Lake was host of the European and World Championship in canoe and kayak in 1963. The place is very suitable for a lot of water sports like swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing, but there is a huge potential for other outdoor sports like running, cycling and other sports.

Activities we Recommend doing in Jajce

We recommend visiting the waterfall in Jajce, especially in the summer. To stand in the opposite side of it so you can feel the water spray from the falling water from high altitude. As well as visit the ancient castle and the river Vrbas, and also visit Pliva lake. Also you can take a ride in the electric boats there or you could just take a swim in the summer season.

If you like There are plenty of children’s activities around the lake. You have to visit the water mills and if you have time, the garden next to the water mills has places dedicated for BBQ. lt is for barbecuing, so do not forget to bring the meat with you!! you can make a delicious lunch next to the water flowing into the lake!!!

RAMSKO LAKE :- This artificial lake, not far from the city, is one of many hidden natural beauties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ramsko Lakeis home to Scit Island where the House of Peace at the Franciscan Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit welcomes guests who are looking for peaceful and calm place, a bit of counselling or just a day of fishing on the lake.



Bihac is a charming little town centered on the banks of the Una River. The town is teeming with café’s that inevitably gravitate around the beautiful Una. It is more than worth a visit to Bihac or any of the towns that live off these emerald waters. The proud owner of the cleanest river in the whole Europe. This river has created a harmony with man, fish, birds, willows, bridges and old mills rarely seen today. Bihac is 310 km (6 hours driving) away from Sarajevo.


STRBACKI BUK – Strbacki buk waterfall is a 25 m high waterfall on the Una River (296 m altitude). It is on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, located 32 km ( 40 min driving) from Bihac.

MARTIN BROD: – is located at the mouth of two rivers. Una and Unac and it is the biggest waterfalls complex in Una National Park. Located 50 km (55 min driving) from Bihac.

OSTROZAC CASTLE – Ostrožac Castle is a castle located in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Una-Sana Canton just outside the town of Cazin, near the village of Ostrožac. The castle dates back to the 16th century when the Ottoman Turks established the Ottoman province of Bosnia.

Activities we Recommend doing in Bihac

The Una river flows through Bihac which is the most beautiful and cleanest of the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Make sure to take a walk along the banks of the River una and in the city gardens. Also do not forget to stop at the River Duck restaurant at the entrance to the city to dine on a boat in the una river.

Fishing is a common activity throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and not only there. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a destination for all lovers of the sport to contain mountainous rivers rich in fresh water, many springs and waterfalls.

RAFTING :–  The Una River in Bihac is one of the most beautiful sites for rafting, especially near the Strbacki buk waterfall. You can experience the thrill of whitewater rafting in Bosnian rivers. Choose one of the rivers and routes to have fast and furious, exhilarating ride that moves you through foamy water. Or try a safe route with group of friends or family. Neretva, Tara, Drina, Una and Vrbas rivers are the most popular for this activity.


Important things to know for the Arab tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina!!!!

– The currency used is the Bosnian mark, which is equal to € 0.511292 and fixed against the  dollar, which changes according to international exchange rates.
– Arab currencies (without exception), you can’t exchanged in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
– Citizens of these countries do not need a visa to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina:-
United Arab Emirates.
State of Kuwait.
Kingdom of Bahrain
Sultanate of Oman.
State of Qatar.

– The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Algeria, the Republic of Tunisia and the Republic of Lebanon, whose citizens require a visa. The visa can be
issued through the nearest Bosnian embassy.
–  Holders of the Schengen visa (multiple entry) and the United States (multiple entry) visa. In force can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina using the Schengen / USA visa and can stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of (01) one month from the date of entry.

– The electrical system is the European system
–  Car driving takes place on the right side of the street. It is such as the United States and the majority of the European countries.
– Debit cards (such as Visa Card, Master Card) operate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But travelers should check with their bank prior to travel to ensure that the bank allows them to use the debit cards outside their country.